Notes on Innovation

Creations of the human mind, whether they are inventions, songs or visual art works, are much easier to copy than to create. For more than 40 years, Kun has set the standard in the shape, design and materials of shoulder rests for violin and viola, and Kun innovations are patented and trademarked around the world.

Kun’s success in the shoulder rest field results from our commitment of time and resources to research and develop new ideas, produce the tools to realize them, and promote them through marketing and advertising.

Patents protect inventors like Kun, by giving us the right to exclude others from making, using or selling our inventions for the life of the patents.

An unfortunate by-product of Kun’s leading position in the marketplace is that many companies attempt to copy our products. This obliges us constantly to monitor the market for infringements and violations.

Patent and trademark infringement are serious legal issues that create difficulties for both the producers of these copies and the companies that sell them. Indeed, wholesalers or retailers are often unaware that anyone who sells or uses an infringing product has an equal legal responsibility and liability for the infringement.

At Kun, we embrace genuine invention and creative ideas, and welcome true competition. We hope sellers and users of our products will join us in safeguarding those values. Their integrity protects the integrity of our industry, and encourages innovation that will truly benefit musicians.

Click here for Kun’s global patents and design registrations.