What our customers say

We always love to hear what our customers say about Kun products. Below, see some comments from happy violin and viola players! Have something to share about your Kun rest? Get in touch! 

I have received the fork with the extra long screw. It is so helpful to me – really eases my burden! Thank you so much for sending me the fork. I really appreciate your service!

I also want to take this chance to thank you for your great product. I’ve been using my Kun viola shoulder rest since 20 years ago and it’s still good. It’s incredibly durable and comfortable.

Tracy Yang, Montreal (via email)

Thank you so much for sending the new end members. It solved the problem completely. I received the package before I left for a holiday trip and it was great because I needed to do some performing during my travels.

Your company is simply outstanding. Your level of service is unsurpassed by anyone with whom I do business.

Lawrence Price

This is a few weeks overdue, but thank you so very much for sending us replacement parts for my daughter’s shoulder rest.

The customer service you have displayed is a rarity these days and I commend you and your company for excelling in this area. I am so incredibly appreciative and grateful for your generosity and I will definitely recommend your company and your products to parents of my daughter’s fellow students.

Claudine Jeansonne, Katy Texas (via email)

Thank you again for the over-moulded forks. You have improved the world’s best shoulder rest!


The Kun Bravo has got to be the best fitting shoulder rest in the world. It’s also very luxurious with the maple wood and the brass fittings.


Normally, I don’t write to companies good or bad, but I just wanted you to know how much I like your product. I recently bought a new Kun Bravo (it looks really good with my new violin). I have been playing the violin and viola for almost 40 years. As a student and as a teacher, I think I have owned dozens of different shoulder rests before I had a Kun. All of those other shoulder rests had one thing in common, they were horrible!… I tell my students not to bother with any other brand of rest.


I just got off the phone with a representative of your company and I had to write and commend you on your excellent customer service… thank you for your wonderful product. I recommend Kun to all my violin students, and most of them own a shoulder rest from your company. The rests are the best and most comfortable of any brand I know, have seen, or used in the past and I will never use any other brand of shoulder rest.


I am glad to say that the Kun Original shoulder rest is my favourite shoulder rest. It is durable, comfortable, and fits on both of my violins. Not only this, but it has a very convenient shape for shoulder position and a practical height. I am an eighth grader, and all of my teachers have recommended the Kun shoulder rest. In fact, most of the violinists and violists in my orchestra use this brand. In my opinion, the Kun is the best type of shoulder rest there is. I would recommend the Kun shoulder rest over any shoulder rest to anyone. I am really glad to be the owner of a Kun shoulder rest…

Brandon T.

I wanted to write and thank you for your kind and generous act. My children were soooo excited to get new shoulder rests. What a pleasant surprise and outstanding customer service…

Jill W.

I have utilized and enjoyed your product for the past 25 years; as a professional violinist and university professor, I find no other shoulder rest that meets the needs of students and professionals to such a degree as your products…


I just got the new nuts and want to thank you very much. By the way, I could already convince several of my friends to switch to the Bravo shoulder rest which was not very difficult; once they have tried it, they were overwhelmed by the sound quality improvement and immediately bought one.

Marc Philipps (France)

It is the extra service and performance after the sale that keeps the Kun rest company head and shoulders above the rest of the market.

Fran Barthmaier

Thank you for your excellent customer service and high quality attention. You made us even more loyal to Kun!

Dr and Mrs Robert & Jacqueline Bocian