Offset forks on the Kun Voce increase the range of positions on your instrument, while over-moulded elastomer ensures exceptional grip.

Solo end members feature a simplified, quick-adjust finger lever that provides ultra-fine size-adjustment and eliminates screws.

The precision brass nut fastens the Bravo end member securely to the wooden base and resists the effects of vibration.

The Bravo’s brass end members incorporate Kun’s patented locking device. The Bravo collapsible end member folds for easy storage.

The Bravo end member: classic, durable, resonant brass.

Replaceable nuts secure Collapsible end members to the base member.

Replaceable nuts secure Original end members to the base member.

The Super reversible one-hole insert can be removed and reversed to provide a greater range of sizes. It also includes a rotating mechanism for flexibility while playing.

The Super end member slides horizontally for fine adjustment, and features Kun’s limited rotation device.

The Super adjusting screw for the Kun Super shoulder rest is made from solid brass.