Here’s the violinist and vocalist Lizzie Ball explaining how to assemble your Kun rest; written instructions follow.

While some Kun rests come fully assembled, the exceptions are the models that do not collapse: the Kun Original and Super rests.

With these models, you’ll need to remove the T-shaped over-moulded ‘feet’ from the box and insert them in the L-shaped end members.

The foot with the shorter brass screw goes into the wider end of the rest. The foot with the longer screw goes into the narrow end of the rest. You can twist the feet further in to adjust the height of each side.

A few notes

The Kun Solo: while the Solo rest comes assembled, you might need to replace the feet at some point. When doing so, it is very important that you use one hand to hold the recessed drum firmly on either side, while the other hand screws in the foot. If you don’t, it will be difficult for the threads on the screw to catch on the threads in the shaft into which it’s being inserted.

The Kun Original: the T-shaped feet on this model should not be removed to make the rest fit into your instrument case. Regularly pulling the foot and round drum out of the L-shaped end member and then reinserting it weakens the composite plastic from which the shoulder rest is made and can damage the shoulder rest. If you need a more compact rest, try the Kun Collapsible or Solo model which fold for easy storage.

Video: Shine a Light Productions