Shireland CBSO Academy is an exciting new non-selective secondary academy serving Sandwell and the West Midlands (Birmingham, UK) which opened in September 2023.

The Academy has been developed by Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust in partnership with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) and we are the first state school in the country to form a partnership of this kind with a professional orchestra. Students are immersed in music at the Academy, while building their understanding of the key transferable skills and qualities that music helps to develop, such as empathy, self-discipline and collaboration. 

Sistema Winnipeg was founded in 2011 and serves youth in Winnipeg, Manitoba in what are considered at-risk communities. These communities have the fewest resources but some of the greatest needs, and Sistema Winnipeg aims to help inspire youth to make a difference in their world and communities.

The program is a unique partnership between the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO), Seven Oaks School Division (SOSD) and Winnipeg School Division (WSD), and provides music education to children for 2-hours after every school day throughout the entire school year (Sept – June). Students are provided an instrument, a nutritious snack, a safe space to learn, grow, and flourish where they make friends and memories to last a lifetime – all at no cost to families!

Currently, Sistema Winnipeg serves up to 150 children from grades 1-12 at two main school communities: Elwick Community School (SOSD) and King Edward Community School (WSD), along with satellite instruction provided weekly at with Isaac Newton School (WSD) and St. John’s High School (WSD).

Community Music Schools of Toronto is a registered charity that gives children and youth a rich and rewarding music and social education, by removing the financial obstacle. Their students have access to some of Toronto’s best music teachers and a vast array of musical instruments and options.

Their students’ study everything from classical piano, strings, voice, brass, wind and percussion to electronic music, songwriting and recording. They make music with fellow students, faculty and even the odd celebrity and perform all over the city. We also offer countless leadership opportunities through our Youth Committee and mentorship programs and provide employment experience for junior counsellors at our summer music camps.

In addition to bringing music to kids in Regent Park and Jane Finch we are also giving a music education to Indigenous students at Wandering Spirit School and young newcomers to Canada.

OrKidstra is a social development program that empowers kids from under-served communities by teaching important life skills – such as teamwork, commitment, respect and pride in achievement – through the universal language of music. We do this by providing children from low-income families with free instruments and music lessons, which gives them the chance to develop these skills through playing and singing together.

With the passionate belief in the transformative power of music, OrKidstra started with 27 children in 2007 and now includes more than 600 children, ages 5 to 18, from 42 linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Our vision is a future where all children and youth have the opportunity to discover their voice and build their potential through music.


The goal of Sistema New Brunswick is great music, but it is much more than that… it is about the social development of children who otherwise might not have opportunity.Through music and the orchestra, children learn focus, discipline, respect and teamwork, values that are essential for the orchestra to work, but also essential for a successful life. As the children advance in their skill, they gain the pride and confidence that comes from achievement. Music and the orchestra become powerful tools to help children reach their full potential.

Through Sistema NB, the children have the chance to concentrate on something that inspires them, that is full of beauty, and that enriches their spirit. Now in its 13th year, Sistema NB has nine orchestra centers in the province, in urban and rural communities, operating in English and French and engaging First Nations children and newcomers to Canada. More than 1,000 children participate, 5 days/week, 3 hours/day after school. In March 2015 the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra was honored with the Prime Minister’s Award for Social Innovation for the work and leadership of Sistema NB in Canada.

Sistema Toronto Logo

Sistema Toronto provides musical and intellectual opportunities to children in vulnerable communities with the goal of transformative social change. We build stronger communities by enabling at-risk children to overcome poverty, grow and thrive as engaged citizens and future leaders.

Sistema Toronto is first and foremost a social development program, using ensemble-based music education to transform the lives of at-risk children. Founded in 2011, we currently serve students in three centres in Toronto neighbourhoods with some of the highest child poverty rates in the city. Each student receives an instrument, nutritious snacks each day of the program, and expert music instruction at no cost to low income families.

Music Fund works in partnership with music schools in developing countries and conflict areas.

Music Fund collects musical instruments, has them restored and then distributes them to its partners. MF also organizes high-quality workshops, internships and training programmes to learn how to tune, repair and maintain music instruments, organized in the partner music schools in the South and in Europe. MF also opened and equipped repair workshops in some of its partner schools.

The Black Violin Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to empowering youth by working with them in their communities to provide access to quality music programs that encourage creativity. Our long term goal is to empower youth to color outside of the lines and push the boundaries of music through innovation.

BVF is an extension of the vision of Kev Marcus & Wil Baptiste. As young musicians during school they would study classical compositions, but after school they would play Tupac, Wu-tang and whatever else was hot at the time. It is the blending of genres fused with their classical training that gives Black Violin their unique sound.  Our mission at BVF is to help up and coming musicians foster creativity in order to make music in a way it’s never been made before. 

Nucleo project
The Nucleo Project was founded in 2013 to offer ensemble-based musical opportunities to children and young people in North Kensington. We are part of the global El Sistema movement, which began in Venezuela in 1975.
A nucleo is a local centre of musical activity at the heart of its community, which is what our young musicians are building for our local area. The Nucleo Project is open to any child who wishes to join our family. All students are able to participate free of charge.
Our students commit to an intensive and rigorous programme (children aged 7+ attend at least four sessions a week). The immersive schedule fosters rapid progress and high achievement, as well as strong bonds within the community. We hope to make a truly transformative difference in our young musicians’ day to day lives.
Logo: Makers' Forum - Des Fabricants

The Makers’ Forum is a non-profit organization whose main mission is to support contemporary violin makers and bow makers in the production of fine musical instruments and bows.

By fostering links between instrument makers, the general public and musicians, the organization wants to promote and help to sell the work of contemporary instruments and bow makers. Also, considering that the profession cannot exist without musicians, the Makers’ Forum wants to embrace its social role in developing the presence of music in schools on every level, and supporting the future generations of professional musicians.