Sistema New Brunswick


The goal of Sistema New Brunswick is great music, but it is much more than that… it is about the social development of children who otherwise might not have opportunity.Through music and the orchestra, children learn focus, discipline, respect and teamwork, values that are essential for the orchestra to work, but also essential for a successful life. As the children advance in their skill, they gain the pride and confidence that comes from achievement. Music and the orchestra become powerful tools to help children reach their full potential.

Through Sistema NB, the children have the chance to concentrate on something that inspires them, that is full of beauty, and that enriches their spirit. Now in its 13th year, Sistema NB has nine orchestra centers in the province, in urban and rural communities, operating in English and French and engaging First Nations children and newcomers to Canada. More than 1,000 children participate, 5 days/week, 3 hours/day after school. In March 2015 the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra was honored with the Prime Minister’s Award for Social Innovation for the work and leadership of Sistema NB in Canada.